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Updated: Mar 24, 2020

So, for a long time, I have avoided doing a blog or video posts, or posting much on social media. It's not that I am against any of it, I just don't find myself that interesting. I'm not putting myself down at all, I have a healthy self esteem. I just feel like there is already so much content out there, why would anyone choose my content to read over anyone else's? It is actually something that I was pretty self conscious about this morning when I did our first digital-only service this morning. There are many more entertaining, well-versed, clear, confident pastors with higher quality videos. Why choose to watch me? It is something that I have been thinking a lot about. I have come to a few conclusions that I feel have given me some assurance, and encouragement in my decision to become more digitally active.

1. Relationships - I have many friendships and connections. It is with those people who care about me and love me that will be interested in reading my thoughts and insights on life, what I'm experiencing, and how God is working around me. It is the same for all of you reading. The relationships you have are special and important. In this time of social-distancing, we might feel that it makes it challenging to remain close, but the truth is that it just takes intentionality. You actually probably have more time to be able to be relational now. You just need to take the deliberate action and do it. Call your family. Email your friends. Send a letter!

2. My experiences, and my interpretations of them are unique. My thoughts and beliefs may align with others at times, and for certain things, but not identically. I think that something that we're falling short of in our society is being okay with each other's differences of opinion. Instead of our major prejudices being about looks or genealogy like they were in the past, the major prejudices we have are against those who's opinions differ from our own (Note - I am not saying that these prejudices are gone, or belittling their terrible impact on the people hurt by them).

We need to get back into the practice of discussion - not debate. I pray that through this blog, we can have conversation. I plan on expressing my thoughts, my opinions, the way that I feel about things, and my interpretation of what I have gone through. I want you to do the same, and for us to discuss these things. I will do my best to listen and not discount anyone's differences of opinion.

3. Lots of kids have dreams of being a Dr., a fire-fighter, a police officer, and astronaut, or something else when they grow up. I don't remember wanting to do any of those things. Most times, I would answer that I didn't know what I wanted to be. The only close possibility was that sometimes I would say that I wanted to be an author. I still have the desire to write something. I don't know what - I suffer from the same issue of confidence here as above. I feel that one of the best ways to overcome that, and to get myself in the practice of writing regularly is to commit to doing something like this. Maybe I'll discover something I want to write about. Maybe I'll discover a need that needs to be addressed by a book. Maybe I'll come up with a story. I don't know for certain, but it seems exciting.

What are some of your hopes and aspirations? What can you take a little bit of time and invest it back into? During this time, I think you can once again, be intentional.

Ultimately, I would like for this blog to be a place where we can learn, grow and move forward in hope. I pray that this can be a blessing to you.

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